Improving Efficiency

For residential designers using Revit

Revit is the most common BIM platform in the market today. In Revit, elements - such as doors, windows, and walls - are designed in 3D and incorporate data attributes. Because elements in Revit are intelligent, parametric and related to each other within the 3D model, changes made to one element automatically update all related model elements, schedules, views, and sheets. For a residential designer using Vision REZ for Revit, this means their changes are made all at once, and are automatically pushed through to CD’s, renderings, and quantity takeoffs, saving them valuable time. VisionREZ allows you to model designs with precision, optimize performance, and collaborate more effectively.

Improve Accuracy

Model-sharing means the elimination of duplication errors

In Revit, all elements in a home design are modeled and shared across functions and organizations. Even external partners working on the same model benefit from the improved accuracy and time savings that avoiding duplication brings. Working from a single model also avoids version control issues, since most work is updated in real-time. Quantity takeoffs, which can be virtually automated to associate with elements listed in the Bill of Materials (BOM), are also done in real-time, avoiding duplicate counts.

Improving Visibility

Improve collaboration between builders, engineers and component manufacturers

Revit is the industry standard BIM technology. It features a robust API and commands significant developer market share. Developers flock to systems with great market share to increase their potential for market penetration. Standardized platforms increase collaboration, because Revit models and file formats can be shared among more stakeholders.

VisionREZ Products – Structure

VisionREZ accurately finalizes structural detailing that includes floor, ceiling and rafter framing and other miscellaneous lumber items, such as collar ties, struts and lookouts for modeling. Once modeled, the structure can be manipulated for construction drawings or quantity takeoff items.

VisionREZ Structure incorporates the most versatile framing engine in the market, with the power of Revit. The tools give designers incredible flexibility to manipulate the framing, while making it fast and easy to frame.

Modeling the structure during design allows designers to visually inspect and detect clashes before they slow down crews or cause expensive and time-consuming repairs in the field. It allows purchasing managers to generate accurate material lists and gives them more control for scheduling materials and labor.

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